Love Yours

Signature Self-Care Box

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Love Yours Box is your signature, self-care box that gifts simple, self-care for the soul.

We believe everyone deserves affordable and desirable self-care products to encourage you to clear the air, maintain balance, protect your inner glow, renew your resilience, and lather in all the self-love you can handle.

Each box is curated with these 7 products for a personalized self-care experience:

Three-Wick Candle (Eucalyptus and Mint Scent)

Rose Quartz Face Roller + Gua Sha

Rose-Scented Bath Soak

Sage Smudge Stick

Rose-Infused Face/Body Oil

Handmade Bar Soap (Floral Scent)

Suggested Simple Self-Care Session: 

Light the candle to set and balance the mood, and use the smudge stick to clear the air of any negativity and unwanted vibes.  As you run your bath water, pour in the rose-infused bath soak.  If you’re not a bath person, grab a pedicure spa bowl.  For added spa-like appeal, grab your favorite plush robe or oversized bath towel.  Soak it up and enjoy the moment by repeating affirming affirmations.  After your soak session, it’s time to enhance that glow, girl! Massage the face and body oil into the skin to rehydrate.  Use the rose quartz face roller to further stimulate the blood and relax the muscles in the face.  Remember, you are resilient and powerful beyond measure.  Self-care is self love.

To order select your gift box or single, self-care product.  Choose your gift-card insert and we'll handle the rest.  All packages are handled with lots of TLC and safety is the standard.

Love Yours Box was co-founded by sorority sisters Lydia Page and Mia Banks to make self-care simple, accessible, and fun!

It's the new self-care obsession and the perfect gift.