Winter 2019: Product Round Up

Passion Planner - "Dated" Elite Black
Pursue your passion wholeheartedly and enter the new year invigorated with purpose and passion! Writing down your goals increases your success rate by 42 percent. Let the PASSION PLANNER become your new BFF while you execute your 20/20 vision. Jot down thoughts, declutter your mind, plan your day or focus on your future. This is your journey. Love it; live it with passion!
Victorialand Beauty - Skin-Loving Minis
Skincare products have become a staple in Love Yours Box and this trio will surely become a staple in your routine. Discover the natural power of these three skin-loving treatments: Face oil, lip/eye treatment and nourishing moisturizer. Small yet mighty, drop your minis in a purse, desk drawer or overnight bag. No more excuses. Love your skin more — all year long!
AcARRE Beauty - Multi-Use Dry Body Oil
Pronounced Ah-Care this hydrating, anti-aging, nourishing dry body oil is perfect for any beauty minimalist. Safe for skin and scalp, this product can also be used as a makeup remover or cuticle oil. 4 different uses. 4 leading ingredients all in one product! Now, that that’s a value to love.
Samudra Skin and Sea - Wild Seaweed Clay Mask 
The new year is the perfect time to detox, nourish and glow.  Inspired by LOVE for the ocean, this wild seaweed clay mask filled with nutrient-rich ingredients was handcrafted to help moisturize the skin, reduce inflammation and prevent signs of aging.   
From Molly with Love - Sleeping Beauty Pillow Spray

We like to call this rest and relaxation in a bottle, literally.  Spray this essential oil, therapeutic-grade linen spray onto your pillow and linen to secure a peaceful slumber as you recuperate from the holiday fun.  Now you have just the excuse you need to "sleep in" because this product should be used within 6 months of opening for best results.

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