Winter 2018: Product Round-Up

Productivity Planner - Love Yours Box Self-Care Subscription

Productivity Planner $24.95
Intelligent Change

Happy New Year! Here’s the boost you need to succeed all 2019. Time to beat procrastination and get more done! Whether working from home, on-the-go or at the office, the Productivity Planner is a tool that works with you to improve your daily habits and positively change your life. This beautifully bound, easy-to-use tool will inspire, improve and ignite your passion and propel productivity. It’s time to “Get-it-Done” and “Hit Your Target!”

Willing Beauty - Love Yours Box Self-Care Subscription

Partner-in-Time Age-Defying Night Serum $42.00
Willing Beauty

Can you believe that it’s already 2019!? We can’t stop time but we can slow it down with this age-defying antioxidant-rich serum. We’re settling for nothing less than real results this new year: 94% reported softer, smoother, soothed and more supple, nourished skin after a 30-day use and 97% saw further skin improvements with better texture and moisture. XO! to you and your Partner-in-Time.

Chloe + Chad Face Wash - Love Yours Box Self-Care Subscription
Geranium Face Wash $22.00
Chloe + Chad

New year means new products to LOVE. Chloe+Chad is a clean beauty brand that is organic, cruelty-free and kid safe. Each bottle is handmade and ships the next day – Talk about quality control and responsibility. Geranium is used for its aromatherapy benefits to treat acne, reduce inflammation, hydrate and soothe skin and minimize scarring and wrinkles. Get glowing!

Good Medicine Muscle Balm - Love Yours Box Self-Care Subscription

Muscle Balm $20.00
Good Medicine Beauty Lab

New Year, new you, right? While you’re busy tackling your first quarter goals and enjoying what sets your soul on fire, be sure to take time to heal and alleviate muscle tension. This “healing + soul fire” muscle balm is packed with
18 pure essential oils to affect both the mind and body. Use as a massage oil to heal stiffness and sore muscles or to alleviate joint pain. Can be used head to toe. Ready to feel reNEWed?


Eunoia Naturals Aromatherapy Mist - Love Yours Box Self-Care Subscription Box
Elevate Your Mind + Body Aromatherapy Mist $19.99
Eunoia Naturals

Elevate your mind and body with this Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Spearmint aromatherapy mist. Created to calm tension and balance the spirit to assist relaxation for rest. Mist on your body, pillow and linen or use as a room or
shower refresher to awaken your mind and elevate your mood.

Seeds Of Intention Cards - Love Yours Box Self-Care Subscription Box

Seeds of Intention Cards $15.00
May You Know Joy

Smile if you’re ready to fulfill your life’s purpose. This mini-deck of 42 cards is filled with ideas that can shift your day. Each card if filled with an intention “for today.” Each intention is a small reminder that you have permission to take care of yourself and #loveyourselfmore. A subtle thought can swiftly shift your day and set your mind for success. Simply keep the deck on your desk, on your person or your coffee table to sow your seeds and live purposefully each day. “May the seeds you plant today take root and blossom.” –

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