If you must choose, Always Choose You.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this pandemic has presented a unique set of circumstances for us all.
I’m sure you, too, are navigating a life that seems almost foreign, like straight out of a Hollywood movie scene.
I won’t pretend that this quarantine has been smooth sailing for me either. My life has literally been turned upside down and I found myself seeking answers that I couldn’t explain. I felt unwanted, abandoned and alone.
But my HIGHER POWER  lives within me and He chooses me daily, so I decided to do the same.
I got reconnected with my clinical therapists — I have two actually — and talked out my feelings. Shared my disappointments and dealt with the here and now.
I’ve gained valuable insight for my own journey and that’s what I will share with you today.
No matter the circumstance, let down or failure, when the dust settles, rise up and CHOOSE YOU.
"When women take care of their health, they become their best friend." - Maya Angelou 
Love Yours Box Self Care Subscription Box
That’s the catalyst behind the Love Yours Box mission: Inspire and educate women to love themselves more.
Here’s what I’ve gleaned in the past 30 days of my self-love journey:
💜 Combat negative thoughts with positive affirmations.  
💜Trust my higher self to make the best decision for me. 
💜Be present and staying present.
💜Relinquish the idea that I must always be in control.
💜 Let go of everything/everyone I thought I wanted to receive all I need, and I’m learning that all I need has always been inside of me.
The same is true for you. 
You are enough. 
You have the stuff. 
You, too, can choose you by taking small steps today to #loveyourselfmore. 
If this message encouraged you in any way, please let us know!  We are truly here to serve women just like you! 
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