#Loveyourselfmore 101: You are worthy.

Yes Girl, you are so worthy of it all – that job, that promotion, that leap of faith, that spouse, that dream career.  Modesty is a value that women sometimes take way too seriously. It’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments and tell the world exactly that. Receiving the compliment in full without modestly downplaying your contributions is okay.  Plus Beyoncé confirmed that GIRLS truly run the world.

Self-worth is a result of positively focusing on self.  The opposite results in a lack.  Growing up we're taught to neither be SELFish nor SELF-serving, and as adults we’re affirmed by posting SELFies to prove ourSELF to others without taking time to actually love yourSELF more.  

Full disclosure:  I, too, struggle with this conundrum more than I’d like to admit.  I don’t always believe that I’m worthy to be in the room and my ideas are only good enough for those who will listen.  Those self-sabotaging thoughts limit you before the opportunity arises.  Trust me.

How to improve, you wonder?  It’s a journey, but it's possible. Personally, some days are better than others, but one thing I know for certain is the mind is our most powerful asset.  It will do exactly what we tell it to do. 

If you tell yourSELF that I AM WORTHY. Your mind will operate in that thought train, so THINK GOOD THOUGHTS about yourSELF.  Toot your own horn and celebrate you as much as possible.  Focus on things that are good and true and turn those words into a daily mantra you repeat regularly. Write it down and place the words somewhere, so you’ll remind yourself that you are truly your best thing.  Below is an example of my SELF-affirmations:

  • I am beautiful.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am capable.

Ready to create your own?  Take a moment now to text three of your closest confidantes and ask them to describe you using three words.  Turn those descriptive words into “I AM” statements better known as self-affirmations.  This practice helps the mind maintain a positive view of self and inhibits future threats to self-competence, according to Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

Still need a positive, motivational boost? 

Below are some self-affirmations to use as a cell-phone background or add some self-care inspo to your social media feed:


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