It's Time To FALL In Love With You!

FALL in Love with You, too.

As the seasons change and the days get just a bit shorter, it is imperative to love yourself more.

Have you ever heard of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder? It’s associated with the fall and winter months, when many feel sluggish and unmotivated (think: “Namast’e in Bed”).

The Love Yours Team is all about a good nap. That’s a form of love all in itself, but all things in moderation, right?

Read the except below from a book of poems entitled What Lies Ahead:

Sometimes being hurt is a part of the healing,
but healing doesn’t always mean you’re cured.
So take time to care for yourself.
Give the love you have BACK to yourself
Because while people love you,
(& trust me, you are loved)
You’ve got to learn how to love yourself too.

This reminds us that Life happens and seasons change, but all things begin anew.  For the remainder of the month, we challenge you to solely focus on sharing the love that you have with yourself.  Even if you're sad, #loveyourselfmore:
  • Socialize with friends.  Facetime your bestie; schedule a movie night with your lover.  Do something social.  Being in the company of others is always a good idea when you’re feeling down.
  • Adopt a new hobby.  Remember, all things begin anew.  Trying something new will force your brain to focus on that task versus all of the other “stuff.”
  • Designate time to be sad.  It’s okay to be sad. It’s an emotion that we all experience.  However, you cannot dwell in that space.  Be sluggish and unproductive briefly; then go do your work. 

Need more motivation?  Listen to the #LoveYourselfMore Playlist on Apple Music.  You're a superpower, Sis.  We believe in you!  Have an awesome Autumn!

Love Yours,

Lydia & Mia

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