In The News: XONecole Features Love Yours Co-Founder, Mia Banks

Recently, our beloved co-founder the iconic Mia Banks chatted with Joce Blake of to dish on her recent fibroids diagnosis. Since, 2015 Banks has battled fibroids and it's significantly impacted her self esteem. 

Self-Care Subscription Box for women

In this article, Mia shares how building Love Yours Box has been a catalyst for her own self-love journey and personal care routine. 

Banks shared, "Having fibroids has affected my life in a variety of ways but thank God it doesn't affect me as negatively as it once did being four years post-op from my myomectomy. Within my personal life, full disclosure: it hindered my sex life. I did not enjoy sex whatsoever. I literally used to question myself and ask what was wrong with me? I even asked my boyfriend. Like, it was a real self-esteem blow. I couldn't lie on my stomach to sleep and when I lied on my back, I felt a tugging sensation. And I could never get a flat stomach, even though I was working out 3-4 times a week then."

To hear more of Mia's story, continue reading here. 

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