Fall 2019: Product Round Up

Swell Skin - The Good Body -Dry Body Oil

Have you ever tried a dry body-oil moisturizer? It’s the best quick fix for body hydration and moisture. Spray onto wet to lock in moisture after a steamy shower or spray on dry skin for instant hydration and added moisture. Sea Buckhorn Berry Oil has a 1,000-year reputation that delivers desirable skincare results. Fortify your fortress with this dry body oil to keep your skin healthy, smooth and glowing all day long!
BIOMILK Probiotic Skincare - Clean & Detox Probiotic Face Scrub

FALLIN’ in love with your skin is an ongoing process that needs a little help at times. That’s where we come in—Detoxify the skin from day-to-day pollutants, allergens and makeup with this natural, nontoxic probiotic face scrub. Packed with natural skin superfoods, use on moistened skin to massage away impurities and toxins build up. Product is gentle enough for regular use but do not overdo it.  
HUM Nutrition - Collagen POP

Big things come in small packages, and Collagen Pop is no exception! Perfect for your bag, purse or backpack, these Premium Marine Collagen, Vitamin C Skin Boost tablets improves skin elasticity, locks in moisture and boosts collagen levels — as studies sho that marine collagen can improve skin appearance and minimize unwanted signs of aging. Pop one tablet in 8-oz of water, dissolve and drink. 3 simple steps: POP, dissolve & drink! Check our Instagram page to learn of other fun, safe ways to enjoy this marine collagen boost.

Ideal Concepts Shop - Self-Heated Eye Mask
As a boss babe, super mom and all around go-getter your eyes sometimes need their own specialized version of self care.Treat your strained and/or stressed eyes with this self heated eye mask that helps relieve eye strain in MINUTES. Self care is selfish but it doesn't have to be hard.  This eye mask is 100% organic, natural and ethically sourced to work with your body to relieve stress.  

Mane Club NYC - Wild Thang Hair Mask

Don’t you just love when you get more with less? Formulated without parabens, alcohol or sulfates, this 5-in-1 conditioner provides multi-benefits for ALL hair types.  The proof is in the pack.  Use it as an after-shampoo treatment or deep conditioner.  Because we love you, we've added another pack for you to share with a friend.  
Daily Concepts - Daily Facial Mini Scrubber
The fall months bring cooler air and dryer skin.  That's why exfoliation should be a key step in your skincare routine.  Safe for daily use, this two-sided, mini-face scrubber fits perfectly for a soft, daily wash or exfoliation treatment.  
CreatIV Peace Jewelry - @creativpeace
Handmade earrings as an added bonus for you to spruce up your attire or share with a friend.  Whatever the case, we hope this product continues to help you #loveyourselfmore.

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