Congratulation, You Made It!

If the answer is yes, KUDOS to You! You’re rocking it out all 2019.  #lifegoals

If the answer is no, give yourself a little grace (just a little) and get back in the race.

    Now that’s how you #loveyourselfmore!  As Cardi B says, “Knock me down 9 times but I get back up 10.”

    In parting, here’s a few ways to get and STAY motivated:

    • Listen to music:  #LoveYourselfMore playlist on Apple Music is a perfect starting point.  Search #LoveYourselfMore 001 on Apple Music and turn up the volume…or use your earbuds if you’re at work.
    • Watch a motivational video or Ted Talk.  Start this Ted Talk at the 9:30 mark. It’s tough love but gets to the point!
    • Activate positive self-talk. Your brain will do whatever you tell it, so find some positivity or confidence quotes. Repeat those quotes whenever you feel yourself wavering or waning.  Start with this one below:

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