Behind the Brand with Lindsey Wolf of Svanti Organics

Q: How do you pronounce SVATI and what does it mean?

A: SVATI is pronounced sv-ah-tee or sah-va-tee. I created the name SVATI by combining the name of two Hindu goddesses I felt reflected our values. 
Parvati is the goddess of love and devotion. The act of self-care through skincare means slowing down, devoting time for ourselves, and showing our bodies and mind some love. 
Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and learning. SVATI started with a deep need to serve others and be able to give back to an orphanage in India where I volunteered. Donating a portion of each product sold to help fund the education of these girls is extremely important to me, and I found Saraswati to symbolize the importance of educating these girls to break the cycle of poverty.

Q: It's #SelfCareSunday, your Instagram Story reveals you unwinding how?

A: With a toddler running around my #selfcaresunday hopefully involves showering in peace and showing my skin some love with SVATI’s body scrub. It smells amazing and lets me feel like I’m at the spa for the few brief moments this mama gets to herself. I also like to do a light yoga practice and read for a few minutes when my son goes to bed to help unwind and practice much needed self care. You probably won’t see any of this on Instagram Stories because I’m so behind the times!

Q: What does it mean to #loveyourselfmore?

A: I think to #loveyourselfmore means carving out space in your life to be present and do something just for you. This could be an elaborate skincare routine, a yoga class, taking a nap, rocking out in your car, etc. Love yourself by making time for yourself, practicing positive self-talk, and reminding yourself that you are seriously amazing. For me personally, I teach a weekly yoga class and it serves as a great reminder to be present, come back to my breath, and practice gratitude. 

Q: What are 3 must-haves in a skincare routine?

A: I like minimal and easy skincare. A good cleaner, serum, and mask/exfoliator are my personal staples and I always recommend these to people trying to establish a routine. You only need to do a mask or exfoliate 1-2 times a week, so it’s pretty easy to simply cleanse and moisturize throughout the week. Ideally this would be done twice a day, but #realtalk my little peanut keeps me so busy that I typically just do it at night.

Q: Many brands are now using natural and/or organic ingredients. How do you ensure the authenticity of your product's ingredients?

A: I source my ingredients from suppliers I trust. I look beyond the natural and organic label to find how those harvesting the ingredients are treated and how the crops are cultivated. I love supporting women’s cooperatives and fair-trade initiatives, so anytime I can find an ingredient sourced this way I will order it. I think it’s important to use our purchasing power to help support these workers and put a demand on better treatment and fair wages. I’m also mindful of what ingredients I put in my products in terms of ecological impact. For example, I love the benefits of ingredients like rosewood and sandalwood but I do not use them in formulations because they cannot be sustainably sourced.

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