Behind the Brand with Cameron Alexis Moore

Cameron Alexis Moore - sounds like a movie star right -- is the creator of Flaunt Body. It's a face mask for your most intimate areas of the body.  Innovatively created to alleviate ingrown hairs, Moore's product won the 2019 Indie Beauty Expo - Best in Show for Hair Removal prize. Love Yours Box featured the masks in its Spring 2020 box, and during the procurement process was able to learn a great deal about the brand's founder.  Keep reading for her secrets to success in the beauty industry:
1.  When you first conceptualized the ingrown hair mask idea, what steps did you take to turn it into an actual product?


There were so many steps, backsteps, small leaps, and pitfalls along the way! It was three years from concept to development to finally launching in September 2019. I have this maker mentality that I can do or make anything when I can't find it, so when I first had the idea, I tried to create it myself.  I created a serum/mask that worked exceptionally well, better than any product that I had purchased or used before.  I tested it on friends and family, and I conducted a small survey for the need of the product.  With the positive feedback and findings, I knew there was something there; which led me to pursue the idea.  However, I quickly realized that without a sophisticated lab and technology, you couldn't make the organic bio-cellulose mask material with a long shelf-life.  From there, I researched manufacturers that could re-produce the mask.  I searched nationally and internationally for a year before finding the current manufacturer.  Most manufacturers required high minimum quantity orders for a custom product, or they only wanted to create face masks. With a confirmed manufacturer came a new set of requirements for product development and efficacy.  For a little over a year, we developed and tested seven versions of the formula before it had the results I wanted.  Before launching with the final version, there was a three month testing period on various skin types for skin sensitivity as well as testing for the effectiveness of the product, shelf life, and stability. 

2.  As a female entrepreneur, what's been the most difficult part of your journey?

Overseeing all aspects of the business, even those that I didn't have expertise.  I spent so much time researching and trying to learn all information.  Learning to seek for the knowledge, and learning to trust and delegate to grow the business, especially a young company, was difficult.  I learned that I couldn't do it all, so if I have the desire to go far, I would need to collaborate.  Prior to this, there were so many sleepless nights and stress-filled days attempting to grow the business by myself while working full-time and tending to other life and family commitments.  Those were dark times!

3.  Your product is a necessity for anyone who removes unwanted hair from the body, but it may be seen as taboo to discuss.  How do you overcome this hurdle as your product becomes a skincare-routine staple?

I LOVE this question because I believe that the brand, as a whole, helps to overcome this hurdle!  First, I would like to describe the brand ethos, which states our focus on niche skincare concerns for modern consumers. The three pillars for the brand and product development include:


Inclusive Solutions – our products are accepting of all people and skin types, including sensitive skin, with a focus on new developments and applications to treat specific skincare concerns.

On-the-Move Bodycare – consumers are increasingly mobile and seek time-saving solutions to consolidate their beauty routines. Our versatile, easy-to-use products are for an active and fast-paced lifestyle.

Growing up, I immediately recognized that I had more hair in places than models in magazines, but who could I talk to about it?  I didn't want to seem different from friends and family, so I kept it to myself and considered it a me problem.  Lack of discussion led to problematic shaving and problematic skin concerns with no aftercare (ouch)!  Of course, now I know that it's not just me, and the concern is not that isolated or uncommon.  So, I focus on developing and providing niche skincare concerns that are efficient, effective, and versatile. 

Body hair being considered taboo is a huge part of why I chose to create products for women and men.  If women are expected to uphold specific standards, so should men.  If I'm creating a product for post hair removal, I want women to be able to encourage male friends, partners, and brothers to use it too.  Plus, from empirical research, we know that more men are beginning to shave below the neck.  While there are plenty of aftershaves for the face, there wasn't anything for men that addressed bumps, irritation, and redness on the mankini (upper thigh area), chest, neck, etc.  It's not fun for anyone!

I would say the need is slowly moving to be more open for discussion and address body hair concerns publicly, especially hair on intimate areas. I'm excited to be active in the discussion that body hair is not embarrassing, no matter whether your choice is hair, bare, or barely there.  If choosing to remove the hair, I want to help by providing the best method to restore, hydrate, and improve skin after shaving or waxing to protect skin and allow for a better hair removal experience.

 4.  How does Cameron Alexis Moore Love herself more? 

Traveling and working out is how I take some time out and show myself some love.  Love Yours boxes are a good incentive, too.  The excitement of trying new products from Indie brands is a way for me to pause and take care of myself.  I get excited about discovering new products or finally being able to test a product that a friend was talking up. I'm looking forward to trying the Summer box!

 5.  What's next for the Flaunt Body brand -- do you have plans to expand into other body products?

Responding to Taboos –tackle skincare solutions for concerns not previously discussed. Which now, more consumers are willing to discuss these skincare concerns openly.

 Yes!  We have an exciting line-up of niche-focused products that we can't wait to introduce.  In June, we are launching the pre-shave exfoliator for targeted exfoliation, allowing for a closer shave.  The exfoliator is in a solid form, so there's less mess in the shower and less waste; plus its travel friendly.  We have three exciting products launching in 2021, so keep in touch!

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