BEHIND THE BRAND with Angelia Trinidad of Passion Planner

Popular among millennials, Passion Planner is making goals realities and igniting passions across the globe.
Created by Angelia Trinidad via Kickstarter campaign in 2013 because she wasn’t really sure what direction to take her life post college, the self-improvement, “passion”- tracker has massed the globe and recently found itself inside of Love Yours Box to help our tribe along the journey to love yourself more.
Trinidad takes us “Behind the Brand” to share how passion-planner journey and what’s next for the mega brand:

1.  Thinking back to what led to your conception of Passion Planner, will you share how you overcame that anxiety and pushed through day-by-day to get over to a more positive mindspace?

AT: Overcoming anxiety is a slow and steady process that isn’t linear at all. Some days are better than others. Some days are terrible. Focusing on what you can control allows you to stop  giving your energy to things that won’t serve you, and helps you intentionally spend your time on the doing small things for yourself that will lead to incremental returns. The Holistic Psychologist calls it “Keeping small promises to yourself.” For me, that means taking a shower, eating an apple, writing in my planner, writing down my thoughts, writing down things that were stressing me out. But also, writing down the things I could do to make a situation better after I journaled. Getting outside, doing something you enjoy, meeting up with people that will listen and that love, support, and show you validation for your feelings, are all things you can do to shift your energy from being so anxious to being more assertive and feeling like you're on some sort of upward trajectory. 


2.  With over 800,000 users and over 405,000 donated planners, how do you continue to innovate and deliver a stellar product that repeatedly captures the interest and purchasing power of your customers?

AT: Our flagship product at Passion Planner is tried and true and we have noticed it helps so many people from different walks of life build a life that is authentic to them. We are now focused on what the customer experience looks like and how we can add more value by creating more tools that can change someone's life. So that's what we're working on now! Whether that's building a routine that really resonates with you, developing your own sense of confidence as you navigate your life or basic financial literacy. These are all topics that we are excited to explore as a team. 


3.  How did you identify your passion and work at something you love daily?

AT:When I graduated college I went through what a lot of college graduates experience, this feeling of being lost and confused on what I was supposed to do next. I knew I wanted to create something that could help a lot of people, but I didn’t know what, so I started pulling out all the tools that had helped me in the past: my planner, my journal, my doodle notebook, my books, etc. I realized that the all-in-one tool I was looking for to help me during this time of transition didn’t really exist, so I decided to create it myself. I basically needed a coach to provide me structure, support, to help me reflect and find ways to grow to be my best self, to help keep myself accountable to work towards my goals. But as a broke, recently graduated college student, there was no way I could afford a real live personal coach. I decided to put my idea on Kickstarter to see if I could crowdfund support for my idea and help me bring it to life, and to my delight, a lot of people in the world thought that a paper life coach was just what THEY needed. It really brought me joy to see how this system/ tool I created could really help positively impact people’s lives, so I made it my life’s mission to become a Millionaire. My definition of “millionaire” is to help one million people. There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than creating systems, tools, communities and providing resources to help support people in their journey to becoming their best selves, and I’m so grateful to have the privilege to get to work on making that dream a reality everyday.


4.  Love Yours Box stands on the premise of supporting women-owned brands and we're honored to be a part of the #PashFam -- as a female entrepreneur how do you love yourself more in order to maintain your work/life harmony?

AT: I always knew that work-life balance would be an integral part of our company culture because I knew that would be the only way that I could sustain running it. I believe that there’s a beautiful cycle between work and life where both are necessary to really be at your best. A person will do better work when their personal needs are taken care of; and when a person gets to work on something that they are passionate about and gives them purpose, they will live a happier, more fulfilled life. So I just make sure to know my boundaries and to allow for flexibility depending on different situations and scenarios. I make sure to block out time to honor myself as seriously as I block out time to honor my work or an appointment that I care about. I put it into perspective like this: If you had a best friend and you scheduled dinner with them, you wouldn't NOT show up. You would keep that promise and you would honor that best friend. That is the perspective I take when I schedule time for myself. It is a messy and imperfect process that takes practice, but I think it is a very worthy habit to build. I also write love letters to myself. I hug myself. I treat different parts of my body as if my mind and my intellect are the guardians and the protectors of those parts of my body.  Your stomach or your gut has no control what gets put into it, so making sure that my mind is acting as its protector and not as its aggressor or attacker ensures I am on my own team on all the levels of who I am as a person. 


5.  What does the future look like for Passion Planner? Will the brand expand into sticky notes, notebooks or authored books?

AT: I’m really shifting Passion Planner’s focus to become a resource based company, where our goal is to be an accessible life coach to everyone. That can be through planners, through online workshops, through free resources, partnering with other professionals in the space or experts in different categories. The categories we are focusing on right now  are: mental health, physical health, interpersonal relationships, personal development and financial health. We are really exploring those things and creating crash courses in each of these areas so people are encouraged to just start walking those paths and help equip themselves with the tools for success.

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