Behind The Brand: Valerie Casagrande, BioMilk Skincare

1.  I thought it was more about what we put IN our bodies versus what we put ON our bodies. Will you explain the innovation of BIOMILK Skincare's healthy skin nutrition?

Actually, both are important. Health is not about simply eating right or hitting the gym. It’s the sum of all the healthy choices we make everyday. Being healthy (or healthier) is a conscious choice, doing what’s best for our body - inside and out - and our mind. And I think nutrition is really for us as women the first and most important step we take on this journey. How can we be healthy without feeding our body and our skin right? Our mission at BIOMILK is the healthy nutrition of your skin, with natural products powered by proven probiotics and superfoods. We believe in simple, natural, nourishing formulas that work with our skin to support everyday beautifully healthy skin.

2.  With the holiday season approaching, a detox sounds like the perfect "new year resolution."  How would one go about detoxing their skin?

Simple is always best, and anything too harsh or extreme can damage our skin natural ecosystem. Think of it this way: our skin is alive! Billions of friendly microorganisms live inside our bodies and out, supporting our health and wellness. On our skin, these microorganisms help keep our skin balanced, fight environmental attacks, and strengthen the skin barrier. So what about detoxing your skin (and your body) in a gentle natural way.

First: hydration hydration hydration. I am not saying you cannot always enjoy a few glasses of bubbly during the holidays, but carry water with you at all times. Your whole body and your skin will thank you.

Then let’s go back to skincare basics. Thoroughly clean your skin with a gentle cleanser, hydrate in the morning and at night with a caring natural cream, and skip make-up for a bit. You’ll see your skin start to clear up. Try BIOMILK Nourish & Protect Probiotic Day Cream and BIOMILK Replenish & Renew Probiotic Night Cream to pack on the healthy nutrients your skin craves.

Finally adding a serum to your skincare regimen might be the extra boost your skin needs to be truly radiant. Serums are generally more concentrated and meet specific skin needs. Read labels to ensure all ingredients are clean and make sure to pick one that can back up its claims. For example our little BIIOMILK Enrich & Infuse Probiotic Serum is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, omegas and minerals, as well as a high concentration of healthy probiotics proven to boost our skin's own production of collagen to help fight small lines and wrinkles.

3.  "A healthier you is a happier you." How do you maintain this balance?

Woaw I think that as a mom, wife and entrepreneur, I am still looking for a miracle solution to maintain balance in my life! But the truth is, I am happiest when I feel healthy. Whenever life gets too hectic, I come back to my basics. First quality down time with my kids and husband. THAT makes me happy and helps me keep my sanity. Then healthy meals. It doesn’t need to be fancy but we do our best to cook every night. Lots of in season vegetables and fruits, whole grains and beans, grilled lean meats. Right now, we are all about soups and I am perfecting a vegetarian chili recipe. Last but not least I exercise 3 times a week in the evening. I was a runner for years until I started training in martial arts. I won’t lie, this is a real time commitment, but it feels incredible to leave all the stress and frustration of your day on the mat!

4.  If you could have only one Biomilk Skincare product on a deserted island, which would it be and why?

I would have to say our new BIOMILK Instant Youth Glow Prebiotic Face mask. That’s a real treat for your skin! Forget about cheap, flashy masks that can be full of water and preservatives. Instant Youth Glow is not only 100% natural and clean beauty, vegan and preservative free, it brings to your skin a visibly healthy glow thanks to our clinically proven prebiotic active. It restores your skin’s delicate balance to help fight premature aging, naturally smooth and plump the skin, and feed your skin with powerful sodium hyaluronate, coconut, sweet almond and camelina. So I’ll be pretty happy with my complete facial treatment on a desert island.

5.  Give us some self-care tips to being a productive mother, wife and business owner.

As women, we are the queens of multi-tasking and the heart of the family. It is hard to find the time but if you want to be able to take care of everyone else, you have to take care of yourself too! I would say, find what makes you truly happy and focus on making any little free time you have count.
Oh and naps! Napping is always a good idea.

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