Behind the Brand: Megan Morris, Owner/Creator of Elevated Scentz

Q:  What made you dive into the candle-making business?
A:  I've always been a fanatic of anything home fragrance! Sprays, powders, sachets, candles you name it! However, being a Professional Makeup Artist and having a private studio, I always made it a point to "set the mood" and make sure my clients felt welcomed into my space. My medium of choice has always been candles for the studio! My clients fell in love with the ambiance and always wanted to know what I was burning. Of course I always told them, however, I decided since I love them so much and so do my clients, why not make it myself!
Q:  I learned of your candles via one of my favorite makeup guru's social pages, and now that I've smelled your candles the aroma are delectable.  Can you walk us through your creation process and how you create your scentz?
A:  Scent is such a personal touch that I knew I had to find a middle ground of scents that I love and scents my customers would love. I combine high quality fragrance oils and essential oils together until I get a unique scent that " speaks" to me. Sometimes it sparks a great memory and other times it set the tone. For example, Lavender may make you feel relaxed, while a fruity scent may make you remember your beach vacation in Jamaica.  So, after I decide on a scent, I make a few samples, pass them out to family and friends and they give me wonderful feedback on whether it's a winner or not. 
Q:  Do you have any plans of expanding your luxury home fragrance line to essential oil diffusers, etc.? 
 A:  I have had requests for oil diffusers and I'm definitely looking into developing some.
Q:  How do you you #loveyourselfmore?  
A:  I #loveyourselfmore by making crafts and candles. I honestly love working with my hands and creating beautiful projects. It's therapeutic for me. I have time to be with my owns thoughts and that's when ideas just pop into my head! I'm also a sleeper and I love naps!
Q:  Any advice to other female entrepreneurs?
A:  Research your craft and go for it! You don't have to know or have an entire plan mapped out. All you need to get is from point A to B. Be passionate, love what you do, don't be afraid to ask questions and never let fear win!

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