Behind The Brand: Christy Prunier of Willing Beauty Company

Q: When women support women, dynamic things happen.  Please share the inspiration behind this mother/daughter-owned beauty brand.

A: The company was born 9 years ago when my daughter Willa and I were looking for safe skin care products formulated for girls--and we couldn’t find them. We looked everywhere and could only find chemical-loaded, bubblegum-scented products with questionable ingredients. This made me think about my own skincare story. I got way too much sun in my teen years, mistakenly thinking it made me look healthy. I also used harsh chemicals to treat constant breakouts that took a toll on my self-esteem. Fast forward to age 29. Just months after Willa was born, I received a skin cancer diagnosis on my face which required surgery. It was traumatic but preventable, and from that day forward I made a commitment to take better care of my skin and ensure that my daughter and those I love wouldn’t repeat my skincare story.    


Q: Willing Beauty was featured in Love Yours Box, but you also have a brand called Willa. Who is the ideal “Willa” beauty?

A: willa (with the little ‘w’) is our original product line. It's very much a girl powered brand, informed by what girls told us they wanted in their skincare products. willagirls are our “ideal beauties” because they feel confident in their own skin, know the importance of using safe ingredients and are diligent about protecting their skin every day. It’s why our tagline is “start young. stay young.”


Q: "Because we know how busy you are taking care of those you love, the least we can do is take care of your skin.”  This quote epitomizes the Love Yours Tribe.  As a mom and business owner, how do you find time to #LoveYourselfMore?

A: Scheduling time to take care of yourself is SO important. To be your best self, you must find time for self-care. Personally, if I don’t carve out that time it never happens. So I schedule time for a morning spin class at 5:45 before the kids get up and my work day begins. I love having this quiet time in the morning, and it gives me a great excuse to hit the pillow sooner at night!

Q: We are headed into the warmer months. Do you recommend women adjusting their skincare routine to accommodate the warmer temps and humidity?

A: We recommend shifting skincare routines in the spring. I’d encourage women to embrace a gentle chemical exfoliator with glycolic, salicylic or fruit acids to slough off dead skin, clear pores and brighten skin. It’s also time to go lighter with a daily moisturizer instead of a cream. Look for a hydrator with hyaluronic acid or a water-based formula when the weather warms up. Heavier creams aren’t necessary as skin tends to hold more water in the spring and summer months. And as always, be vigilant about using a mineral sunscreen - even on cloudy days!

Q: Christy, kudos to all you’ve overcome and the work you and your daughter do daily through Willing Beauty. Any advice for young ladies finding their purpose in this Insta-Beauty world?

A: Finding your purpose is all about following your passion. When you are doing what you love, the commitment is stronger, and you’ll be happier. It’s a cliché but life is too short, which is why it’s so important to invest your time and talent in what brings you JOY.

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