Behind the Brand: Christy Hall, Owner of skincare brand Mikel Kristi

Q: Will you share how your individual expertise separates your brand from others?  

A: What separates me from other skincare companies is my years of experience as a Board Certified Physician Assistant who owns and operates a world class medical aesthetics practice, Skin Appeal,  in Tucson, Arizona. Specializing in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, I help my patients improve their skin health and reach their aesthetic goals, all day, every day. When choosing products to recommend to my clients, I saw a need for more effective skincare formulations. Mikel Kristi, was developed to deliver outstanding results using plant-based cosmeceuticals.

Q: As a female entrepreneur, how do you balance business, family and self-care?  

A:  This can definitely be a challenge while running two companies and working non-stop to treat patient’s skincare concerns. How I remain organized and task oriented is by taking my planner wherever I go and planning my days out in advance. I couldn’t live without my planner, setting time aside for exercise, downtime, and family time. In order to include self-care I take time to do deep breathing and practice mindfulness. At morning and night, I never skimp on my skincare routine, which makes me feel at ease knowing I can take a little time to focus on the health of my own skin. When I do take time off, I love spending time with my dogs or traveling with my husband to remote destinations that offer unique outdoor activities.

Q:  #LoveYourselfMore means loving all of you - unapologetically and embracing your unique experiences to contribute more good into the world.  Will you share an experience that played a significant role in who you are today?  

A:  I believe that personal growth is a must and shapes who I am each day. I continually strive to improve my knowledge, communication skills, leadership skills, productivity, and self love. Through growing in these areas, I feel that I have developed more compassion and empathy for myself and others.  


Q:  What's coming down the pipeline for Mikel Kristi?

A:  We have a lot of exciting things happening as we grow. We are planning on moving into the retail market and expanding our e-commerce presence. Along with offering new proprietary formulations to make you love your skin!  


Q: If you could only have on Mikel Kristi product on a deserted island, which product would you grab?  

A:  I like this question because, while living in Arizona our skin can sometimes feel like its been on a deserted island. My morning and evening routine fights against dry skin and evens my skintone.   

The one Mikel Kristi product I’d bring to a deserted island would be Vital A Rejuvenating Serum since it keeps the skin the healthiest with improving natural moisture production and is skin firming. I enjoy firm skin! 


Q:  What is your current skincare routine?

A:  My current skincare routine is: 

  • AM:  I start off my day cleansing my skin using our Mikel Kristi Purifying Botanical Wash (citrusy) or Refreshing Wash (minty) to remove any bad particles from my skin. 
  • Then I apply Mikel Kristi Bio Peptide Serum, which encompasses powerful collagen stimulating properties and then apply C Radiance Moisturizer for hydration. 
  • Following my serums and moisturizer I choose a lightly tinted SPF,  such as EltaMD or Colorescience Even Up. That is it for makeup and I am out the door to face new skin discoveries.
  • I finish my night by doing my self-care with skincare routine.
  • PM: I alternate between Purifying Botanical Wash for an antibacterial cleanser or Refreshing Botanical Wash to unclog pores.
  • I use Rejuvenating Swipes a few times a week to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and renew more.
  • Following that, I blend all my topical products into one step, Vital A Rejuvenating Serum and Bio Peptide Revitalizing Serum along with C Radiance Moisturizer. I take time to massage these anti-aging powerhouses into my facial skin and muscles, knowing that I am not only renewing my skin but relaxing my body from a productive day. 

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