Behind The Brand: Anna Dalton, Founder of Perfectly Posh

Q: Perfectly Posh is such a fitting name for your brand. It's filled with the most perfect products and posh packaging—how did you go about making this brand a reality?

A: Perfectly Posh focuses on PAMPERING. There are so many things out there that treat, aide, support, but we wanted to provide self-care experiences. From where we source our ingredients, our growers, and their sustainable processes, to our wonderful formulators and manufacturers, to the strong business women who share the experiences, you will feel good about using Posh inside and out.

Q: "Love Your Sister" is one of our four levels of love. We believe the women everywhere must uplift women everywhere. Why is it important for you to work with other women-owned brands?

A: I love watching women figure out how to make their lives work any way they want. For so long, there were suppositions like, “you SHOULD live this way,'' or “your life SHOULD shake out like THIS,” and they’re simply not true. Women are smart and capable of getting creative and flexible with their lives and their opportunities. We love working with other brands who get that, too.

Q: Perfectly Posh is like a girl's guide to all things beauty and self-care. Which products can we find in your possession at this very moment?

A: Oh my gosh! It’s embarrassing to admit how much product I have with me all the time. Usually at least 2 or 3 hand crèmes—you never know what scent you’ll be in the mood for. I also love to give them away when people ask me, “WHAT IS THAT?” I keep Prize on the Eyes™ Eye Crème to freshen up. I ALWAYS have a Swipe™ tinted lip balm, and I can’t keep enough Cann I Be™ with me. Life is stressful. My Cann I Be Skin Stick and So Extra drops are there to take the edge off.

Q: We ship boxes to women of all sorts who are in need of a little TLC. What would be a go-to product that you'd recommend for the woman who helps everyone with everything but still doesn't seem to put herself first?

A: It’s not always easy to put yourself first, but it is important to carve a few minutes out for yourself every day. If you’re on the go, take a Skin Stick. We blend the most-loved essential oils and all of their amazing properties into gentle shea butter so you can take them anywhere and take care of tension, exhaustion, lack of energy... all kinds of things! If you’re staying in, treat yourself to a face mask! While it’s on, just put your feet up, read or watch something just for fun, take a BuzzFeed quiz, and have a little break. You’ll STILL feel the results of taking care of yourself tomorrow and be so glad you did it!

Q: What's your advice to other girl bosses?

A: Be bold. Life is short, and what you want and your path are all that matter. Find something you’re passionate about and go all in. Life is too short for anxieties and worrying about what others think of you. Love the great people in your life hard, and then just get on with being your awesome self. And don’t forget to pamper yourself while you’re out conquering the world!

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