Behind The Brand: Aisha Of Chloe + Chad

Q: What's the inspiration behind Chloe and Chad?
A: The company is named after my daughter and son.
Thinking about their health and well being are part of the reason
I started this company.
Q: Which Chloe and Chad product is a part of your current skincare routine and why?
A: I use all of the products, but I my face wash and serum are the two I use most.
Q: Why was it so important for your brand to be both vegan and organic?
A: I think being organic and vegan, plant based basically is how my parents cared for their skin. Everything they used came from a tree or plant. That was one of the main reasons I chose to be both. These regimens were so effective but somehow as we got modernized those traditional ingredients became less popular even though they have proven effective.
Q: #LoveYourselfMore is our self-care mantra.  Please tell us how you incorporate self care into your daily routine.
A: For me self care begins within, so I start each day in prayer and worship. 
This clears my thoughts of things that may linger from the prior day and it
sets the tone for the new day. Engaging in constant thanksgiving so I maintain
a sense of peace throughout the day. Eating healthy, working out
as much as possible. This creates a glow from within that translates to great skin
and Chloe + Chad helps to maintain that.

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