5 essential ways to love yourself more through the workday

We all have those days when things just are going our way.  We're tired, frustrated, over worked and under paid and simply cannot or do not give the workday our usual 110%.  

Recently, I've been feeling this way.  I'm not sure if it's burnout or just a case of the blues but I know I needed to dig myself out of the pit.

What did I do you ask?  I texted women within my contacts and asked them, "What do you do to breakaway from the work day when feeling overwhelmed."

I received some sound feedback and their responses provided insight:  I am not alone.  Each woman I texted is successful in her own right, yet each woman had a response.  That proves that we have more in common than we think, and everyone is simply giving life their best shot everyday.

So, I compiled their responses, and here's what seems to work best for some of the most successful women I know, including Love Yours Box Co-Founder Lydia Page:

1. Channel Your Energy into an enjoyable activity.  Take a break to scroll social media or go call your friend or loved one to regroup.

2.  Take a Walk to get some fresh air.  Step away from your work entirely to gather your thoughts.  Plus this gets your body moving, burns calories and studies show it improves

3.  Listen to Music.  The #LoveYourselfMore playlist has great vibes to create a better mood and there are a plethora of options. 

4.  Pray/Meditate.  Apps like Calm or Breathe are great options for beginners.  If you need something more spiritual-based Abide app is perfect.

5.  Yoga.  Close your door, if you can, and do a little child's pose and downward dog to relieve tension.

How do you de-stress or maintain sanity when you're feeling overwhelmed?

Let's discuss.

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